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Dec 26

Limb Independence Lesson #2

Dan Shinder at DDC Studios

This long-awaited lesson is a more advanced lesson ion Limb Independence than the first. Dan demonstrates a great exercise in “Ambient Textures” with mallets created by elements of Limb Independence, as well as using sticks all over the kit demonstrating how Limb Independence is crucial for creativity and fluid dexterity in many aspects of your …

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Dec 25

Ghost Notes 01

In this lesson, Dan demonstrates the application of “Ghost Notes” and how they change the Feel of a beat. This lesson is demonstrated in both 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures. “The  interesting thing about Ghost Notes,” says Dan, “is that they can be used to create ‘Dynamics within the Dynamics’ of a Piece of music.” …

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Dec 24


In this lesson, Dan demonstrates the many applications of playing on the “up-beats” to develop beats on the drum kit, as well as transitioning in and out of fills, as well as placing them in fills. These exercises are also great for developing/improving limb independence – and making good use of the limb independence you …

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Oct 20

Fun With Paradiddles

In this video, Dan demonstrates the many uses of the simple single-stroke paradiddle, which is one of the basic drum rudiments. This is a great video for beginner and intermediate players to see how to apply the single-stroke paradiddle into fills and even design beats with them. An advanced player can take this apply it …

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Oct 01

Triplets For Any Size Drum Kit

In this video, Dan teaches and demonstrates the many facets and applications of triplets, including John Bonham style triplets, which can be applied to any style of play, and on drum kits of all sizes. Dan’s Drums Clinics: Many Styles ● ALL Levels ● Get Results!

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